What role do attorneys play in Illinois Probate Estate Litigation?

Attorneys play a very important role in Illinois contested estate litigation.  First, attorneys can provide clients with competent advice and counsel regarding the legal issues involved.  Second, attorneys can formulate a successful litigation strategy to obtain the best results for their clients.  Third, attorneys can negotiate settlements that provide the optimal solution for all parties in the matter.  And finally, attorneys can effectively communicate their clients' positions, emotions, and concerns to opposing parties and to the relevant Illinois Probate Court.


Oftentimes, attorneys play a large role in how expensive and time-consuming a litigated matter is as well.  This is why it is very important to work with an attorney that will best be able to further your specific interests in a matter. 


Not all attorneys litigate contested estates in the same way.  Some will fight hard to the very end, and will rack up tens of thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of dollars in legal fees in the process.  Other attorneys will work with all parties involved to reach a settlement that provides an effective solution for everyone involved, even if the legal fees are much lower. 


Typically, attorneys who like to litigate as long as possible no matter what the issues are do not have your best interests at heart.  These kinds of attorneys merely want to make as much money in legal fees as they possibly can on each individual case. Thus, it is generally advisable to find an Illinois probate attorney who will seek to help you settle a given estate in the most efficient and skillful way possible, which is most often through a settlement prior to trial.


If you have an Illinois estate litigation matter, contact us today to see how we can help you resolve the estate.  In our practice, we represent Executors named in a Will (as well as Administrators who have already been appointed by a local Probate Court) to settle litigation related to an estate.  If you are an Executor (or a court-appointed Administrator) with a contested matter, give us a call at (630) 898-4789 to set up a free initial consultation.  
































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